For makeup, I suggest wearing what is accepted at your school. When I was in high school, my school wasn’t strict on makeup, which allowed me to wear whatever colored eye shadow I wanted on my eyes. If you want to go for the “natural, but better” look, I recommend highlighting the high points of your face (inner corners to brighten your eyes, cheekbones, a little on the forehead and chin, under your brows, and your cupid’s bow for fuller looking lips), go easy on the eye shadow (maybe just a sweep of a shimmery neutral color to bring some life to your eyes), and play up your mascara. You can add a nice rosy colored blush that fits your skin tone, and a “my lips, but better” lipstick, gloss, or lip stain to keep everything looking natural or a little more enhanced. You’re ready for the school day! Below, I will attach a few of my “school approved” makeup looks to give you an idea. A few of these looks can fit anyone in the upper grades of middle school, and high school to college levels. Only wear what is allowed at your school, I can’t stress this enough; I don’t want any of you to get in trouble. If you all want me to do pictorials for these looks, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll be willing to do that for you all =).

Simply Natural

 Bold Brows and Pink Lips
Dramatically Neutral

Modern Day Pinup #1 (Pink lips)

Modern Day Pinup #2 (Red lips)

Now, we all know beauty revolves around more than just makeup. My favorite hairstyle for school is the braided waves you all see in many of the picture above. Not only is the braiding easy to do, but you can braid your hair the night before and just take it down in the morning, saving yourself some time from having to straighten your hair or curl it every single morning. This is a heatless style, and looks best if you braid on slightly damp hair so it can set. I do at least 10-15 braids because I love the tighter texture it gives my hair, but if you want a looser texture, you can also do bigger and fewer braids. Other heatless styles are buns, ponytails, and Bantu knots. The other two are pretty self-explanatory, and can easily be dressed up with cute headbands, hair pins, and other hair accessories. I like to slick my buns back with a little bit of Organic Root Stimulator’s Smooth-N-Hold Pudding. It lays down fly-aways and helps to give you a slicked back look with your buns and ponytails.
If you have straight hair (natural, relaxed, flat ironed, etc.), another favorite hairstyle of mine is doing curls with flexi-rods. Here’s an example of my hair after a flexi-rod set:
What I like to do for this style is part my hair into threes, like you’re going to do a roller set. Then, I start in the middle of my head so that I can properly place the flexi-rods securely at the side of my head.  I use the orange flexi-rods for the perimeter of my head, then the grey flexi-rods for my longer strands of hair. Typically, I sleep in my rods, but you can sit under a hooded dryer if you don’t want to sleep in them. To maintain my curls, I put the flexi-rods in my hair every night, but you can easily pin curl your hair at night. Not only does it mean easier sleeping, but it can soften your curls, giving you that bedhead look.
For nails, I say go all out! I like to match my nails by the seasons, so if you’re like me, going back to school for the fall calls for darker nails. In all truth, you can wear whatever you want on your nails for school, but if your school is super strict (or if you hate darker or loud colors) a nice pretty neutral nail polish can tie your look together. I like the Soft Shades from OPI because they are sheer jellies that give your nails a nice glossy sheen with one coat, and becomes more of a jelly polish in three coats. My favorite happens to be OPI Barre My Soul that came out with their New York City Ballet collection.
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favorite hairstyles are for school, your favorite makeup looks, and your favorite colors/brands of nail polish. I’d love to hear it. ♥

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