Hey guys! As you know from reading my blog, I am on a relaxed hair care journey. I want to help those who may not know what to do with their hair for the winter, and share my experiences with you all; kind of like a “personal” Internet diary. So, just like my Back to School series, I want to do another mini series to help you prepare for the cooler fall/winter. I want to make a small note that my hair care tips aren’t just for relaxed women like myself. I like giving general tips for all hair types, but I make sure to put an emphasis on my curly & kinky haired women because our hair tends to be drier because our natural sebum does not travel down our hair strands as easily as women with straight hair. I will be talking about that in my hair post that will be coming up soon. I hope you all are having a great day and I will talk to you soon!

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