Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to bring you a product Show-N-Tell. First and foremost, I have to give out this disclaimer so that everything remains kosher between us:

Everything I’m going to mention to you and talk to you about in this post has been provided to my by Influenster as part of their VoxBox program. I have been sent these products for testing and review purposes. I am not being paid for ANY of these reviews and my reviews will be honest and as thorough as possible.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me introduce you to the products.

(All info will be taken from the Influenster Bride-To-Be VoxBox card)

Kiss everEZlashes
Retail price: $3.99

“You’ll never waster another set of eyelashes again. Kiss everEZlashes with patent pending Application Strings allow for perfect lash application every time. Kiss lashes come in a variety of styles that are perfect for everyday wear, to formal evening events. An absolute must-have for bridesmaids and of course – the bride!”

Dream Water
Retail price: $2.99

“Dream Water is a natural, 0 calorie, 2.5 oz sleep and relaxation shot featuring key ingredients that work together to help relax, fall asleep naturally, and wake up refreshed. A match made in heaven for brides in need of relaxation and beauty sleep leading up to the Big Day. Also makes the perfect bridesmaid gift or party favor for wedding attendees and out-of-town guests.”

“You have found your Soul Mate but now it’s time to help your single girlfriends find theirs! IvyDate is the premier online introduction network for people who value creativity, intellectual curiosity, and drive. IvyDate will send up to five exceptional matches each week, so help your gals meet their dream guys!”

Rescue Gum
Retail price: $5.95

“You’ve got deadlines, social obligations…and now a wedding to plan! Stay a step ahead with RESCUE Gum Remedy. Developed by a doctor more than 75 years ago, RESCUE Remedy helps millions of women around the world stress less, stay calm and in control. Chew this homeopathic gum and feel your stress and anxiety melt away!”

Schwarzkopf Professionals BC Repair Rescue
“Every bride dreams of having gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair on her big day. Now you can have your best hair day, on the best day of your life! BC Repair Rescue gives 25% more strength thanks to the Cura+ Protein Complex that repairs damaged hair, recharging it with new durability and elasticity. For strong, replenished hair, full or manageability and shine.”

  • BC Repair Rescue Shampoo: $18.00
    • A gentle formulation to cleanse and nurture pre-lightened, over-processed and fragile hair. Improves strength and elasticity. For strong and flexible hair full of healthy shine.
  • BC Repair Rescue Conditioner: $21.00
    • Detangles damaged hair. Improves strength and elasticity. For strong, smooth, and manageable hair full of shine.
  • BC Repair Rescue Sealed Ends: $21.00
    • This is the ideal product to finish a perfect care service. It is extra infusion to prevent split ends and to leave them looking healthy and shiny.
So far, I have ONLY tested out the gum and the eye lashes. For the hair, I will incorporate these products into my hair care regimen to see how it works with my relaxed, damaged, dry hair. I will come back with full reviews of all products (one at a time if I can) and let you all know my pros and cons, and if I recommend these products to you all. I hope you all are as excited for the reviews as I am! I will have pictures of the products below so that you can see them all up close. Have a great day everyone!

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