Hey everyone! Today, I have something a little different to review today and that is my Beshe Kandi wig. Before I start, I wanted to let you all know this disclaimer: I purchased this wig with my own money. This is not sponsored by anyone. Alright, I can move along now lol. For the K.I.S.S Boot Camp, I decided that I wanted to minimize any direct manipulation to my hair, and to really protect it from the elements. Sure, I could wear hats, but I’m too much of a fan of big hair that I didn’t want to just cover my hair up with hats. I like buns, but I hate doing them on my hair because it’s always so basic to me! So, what did I choose? I chose the FABULOUS wig shown below.

My fabulous wig right out of the package and smack dab on my head.

I first heard about this wig on YouTube, thanks to the lovely MsChanda. She did a review on this wig last year, nearing the summertime, and I have been in love with this wig since. I’ve been wanting to order this wig for the LONGEST time, and I finally broke down and ordered it towards the end of December. I ordered my wig from Hair Wig Harlem and it got to me in about a week.

Details about the wig:

  • This wig is very lightweight. It has a simple cap that allows the hair to still be full, but not heavy on the head.
  • It has two combs: Small comb in the front, longer comb in the back. It also has two adjustable straps.
  • This is a toyokalon fiber synthetic hair, with curls that remind me a little of 3b/3c type hair.
  • This wig was made in Indonesia.
  • This hair is HUGE with a medium shag (stops a little past my shoulders)
  • This hair is very soft.
  • This is in the color 1B.
After wearing the wig for a while, I did do a little trimming to the sides and the top of my hair to give a layered effect. I love the way the mini cut turned out. As much as I love this wig, I do have some cons.


  • This wig, with constant wear, will start to look frizzy. I know that this is normal with synthetic hair, but it is still something to keep in mine.
  • One of the little tabs for the adjustable straps arrived loose. Not only that, but one of the little tabs holding the strap to the wig broke as well. This doesn’t really bother me, but it is something to keep in mind.
  • I dislike the front of the wig. This wig does not have parting room so the hair where a part would be is all bunched up and doesn’t look natural on me. I typically do a little bit of a leave out to blend in a part  and make everything look seamless.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this wig. Kandi is my go-to, everyday hair, kind of wig. I believe in the bigger the better and this wig gives me so much life every single time I put it on. I plan on ordering two of Kandi units, another in a 1B and one in a lighter color for spring/summer. I hope you all found this review helpful and informative. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m a novice when it comes to wearing wigs, but I’ll try to help any way that I can. Check out the links above if you’re into hair care like I am, and please enjoy the photos of “Kandi” and I below. I hope you all have a great and blessed day!

You can see the shorter layer that I cut to be my bang. My hair is also blended into this wig too to make it look a little more natural.

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