Review Day: CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick (PIC HEAVY!)

Hey lovelies! Today, I have a review for you on the CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick lipsticks. I have been eyeing these lipsticks since they came out and the commercials began running on air. I was very excited when I got the invite from BzzAgent to try these out. Keep reading for the review down below!

(From top to bottom: Vixen, Minx, and Stunner)

After testing these lipsticks out, I think I may have found my new “on-the-go” lipstick. I will start from the best to worst. The best shade I tested was the lipstick in Minx. Minx, described as a deep brown with a gold highlighter shade, looked the best with my skin tone and it also applied onto my lips like a dream. As this was the last lipstick I swatched, I decided to wear this for the rest of the day and it lasted well over 5 hours for me, even through light eating and drinking. This is the perfect fall/winter shade for me when I want to rock dark brownie lips. Minx tends to lean a little more red on my lips, which is perfectly fine with me. The highlight shade for this one is gold, and it really made the lips pop when I put it on the center of my lips.


Next up is Vixen. Now Vixen is interesting. Vixen is described as a burgundy with a pearl pink highlighter color. On my lips, this color was more of a pink than the red I thought it would have been. Like Minx, the main color was smooth and easy to apply. The highlight color is a pearl pink that looked nice with the lipstick, but I really didn’t like this shade on my lips. The texture of the highlight shade felt a little gritty on my lips and it appeared to have a little rainbow shimmer in it as well. This may be my eyes playing tricks on me or the residue of the first (and worst) lipstick I swatched. I think this color would look nicer on those with cooler skin tones on its own, but if you can make it work with lip liner, go for it.


If Minx is the best for me, then Stunner would have to be the worst. Stunner is described as a bright pink with a gold highlighter. This reminded me a little of the MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick when I applied it, but it pictures, it reads a little more coral than straight pink. I applied this to my lips first and I regret that decision. The texture of Stunner (mainly because of the glitter) made my lips feel disgusting and it was hard applying. The highlight shade didn’t really show up on my lips. It is a little less gritty than the main shade of Stunner, but it was still gritty none the less. The color is very pretty, but I cannot get past the feel of this.


The common negatives I have for all three of these lipsticks is that they settle into fine lip lines. This could be my own fault because my lips weren’t up to their best potential on swatching day, but I found that the lipsticks still settled into my lips after lips were properly prepped for day wear. I suggest making sure your lips are exfoliated well, moisturized, and use a neutral lip liner to make these last longer.

The lipsticks were also a little drying after wearing them for a while. Minx and Vixen were creamy applying on, as Stunner was more rough because of the glitter/shimmer. I found that using a little lip balm gave my lips moisture and that I didn’t have to apply it too often.

The biggest con for me is the smell/taste of these lipsticks. There is something in these lipsticks that does not sit right with me. When applying these, there was a smell so strong that I could taste it in my mouth and it sickened me. You can also smell it too, which I know can be a problem for many people who can’t stand smells in lipstick. This alone would make me not buy a product, no matter how pretty it looks.

I think these are good lipsticks for the price. You don’t get a lot of the product since the lipstick is essentially two separate ones. Knowing that, I wouldn’t really recommend these for everyday wear because of how quickly you can run out of the product. But, if you are the type to wear for special occasions, then go for it. These are great to put in your purse, your backpack for school, or your gym bag when you want a little pick me up after working out. Minx is my go-to shade for the winter right now and if you have a darker skin tone, then check it out!

I hope you all found this helpful and informative. Until next time! ♥

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