Hey guys! I’m tired of my hair. So what do I do when I’m tired of my hair? I put it in a protective style for at least two weeks while I get my mind around what I want to do with it next. The protective style of choice this time around is crochet braids! I got tired of wearing my wig, and needed a change; perfect time to do a crochet braid install, right. This time around, I wanted to go for something that reminded me if my hair instead of the curly hair. I decided to go with Model Model Marley Braid hair in the colors 1B & 1B/33. Installation took me about 4 1/2 hours over a two day period (began last Friday night, went to bed, finished the next morning). When I say that the hair was huge after finishing…chile, please. Here’s the before, after I finished installing the hair:

I cut into the hair some to take away some to the bulk, but still full. Here’s a photo of second day hair on this install:

Not as big as before, but still big. While I love the idea of the Marley Hair, I do not really like this brand of Marely Hair. This past weekend, my mother and I purchased some Marley Braid hair to do her crochet braids with later on this week and the texture of that hair is much softer than mine. I want to steal hers and has it for my own install lol. But overall, I love this look. I have gotten many compliments with this hair, with people thinking it’s all mine. It makes me feel like Diana Ross’s little sister, something I play up by looking as FIERCE as possible! Sleeping on this hair is relatively easy; I braid it up at night, throw on my bonnet, and I go to sleep. Also at night, I make sure to moisturize my hair and scalp. 

UPDATE: I began writing this blog post three weeks ago (dated from my Instagram photos with this hairstyle). This style only remained in my head for three days. I loved the style, but hated the brand of hair I used for my install. I do plan on using Janet Noir hair for my next fro style later on this fall. I will be doing a new crochet style with Freetress Deep Wave hair this weekend, so I will post my initial review of the hair then. Until next time, have a great day!

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