Hey boos! It’s 2015. How’s the year going for you guys so far? It’s that time of year again where I update you all on my hair and my regimen for this year. So let’s not dilly dally; let’s get started.

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My hair, my hair, my hair. What can I say about my hair, other than it is dry? It’s always dry. I attribute that to my hair type and general health. We have all heard how important it is to take care of our bodies on in the inside to make the outer look better. In doing that, you may find yourself stuck with how to improve your internal self to reflect the external self. When it comes to my hair, I have learned that my scalp would be a lot happier and my hair would flourish more if I made the effort to ALWAYS a drink water. Water is the key to life, and we need it to survive. For my hair (and health as a whole), I have to not only drink more water, but wT healthier and get into my mind that eating cleaner will not only make me look better, but feel better. If you want I can make a separate post about my intended health routine for the year. But back to my hair. I plan to:

*Shampoo at least once a week with a moisturizing shampoo and my Vitagoods Shampoo Brush.
*Cowash my hair after every shampoo wash for added moisture, and co-wash once a week with a moisturizing conditioner (Tresemme Naturals conditioner or Shea Moisture conditioner)
*Deep condition with a light protein or moisturizing conditioner, depending on what my hair needs (In search for a good protein conditioner; Shea Moisture deep conditioners)
*Spray a light protein leave-in into my damp hair (ApHogee Green Tea and Keratin Reconstructorizer or Creme of Nature Perfect 7 Leave-In)
*Moisturize hair with conditioner mix (Water, Suave Almond & Shea Butter conditioner, Vegetable Glyercin)
*Seal moisture in with either an oil or butter (homemade shea butter mix or an oil of my choice)
*Style hair (braiding for protection under wigs or other protective styles like crochet braids or Havana twists)
*Do roller sets with every relaxer
*Trim ends every three months, or with every relaxer.
*Invest in satin or silk pillow cases, as well as better quality silk or satin bonnets/scarves.

 Now that I have my regimen laid out, there are also a few things that I want to learn how to do during this year’s journey. Those things include:

*Learning how to bleach and color hair
*Be able to do a sew-in that does not lift or feel heavy
*Create braid patterns that encourage hair growth and not pull my hair much.
*Infuse my own hair oils
*Create hair butters that can be used year round
*Create crochet braid wigs

When it comes to hair, I’m ready to throw myself into creating different styles and adapting different methods to help my hair flourish and be the best it can be. Thanks to 2014, I have learned that I really enjoy protective styling with wigs, either store bought or homemade, being my favorite protective style. I hope you all enjoy my 2015 regimen. Let me know what your regimen is this year. Are you changing your regimens at all? I can’t wait to share my creations and hair updates with you all! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day.

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