REVIEW: Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest [SPONSORED]

DISCLAIMER: I was given a steep discount on or received this product for free to review. The thoughts, opinions, and decisions on how to use this product are my own. Free or discounted DOES NOT EQUAL instantly great. This review will be treated as all my reviews are, whether I paid for my product or received it for free.

There’s something that you all should know about me: I don’t get much sleep. And when I do manage to sleep, if the smallest amount of light enters into my room, I turn into a raging, angry monster. Something like this:

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What? Didn’t you feel threatened looking at that version of me in the morning? Let’s just say that I am not happy when light comes into my room. I have blackout curtains for the bright sun that shines into my room in the morning. Although my blackout curtains work, when light happens to break free of its barrier, it can lead to early morning headaches that I do not want to deal with. Enter in the Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest. I have used eye masks in the past, but not one like this.

I used to purchase those cheap eye masks from Claire’s that always seemed to be off of my face by the time I wake up in the morning after a wild night of sleep. As a tosser and a turner, I need sleep masks that will stay on my face, not matter how many times I roll my face across my pillows. The Sleep Sublime Eye Mask has an adjustable Velcro band that allows me to dictate how snug or loose I want this eye mask to sit on my face. It has a nice satin fabric that rests over the bridge of your nose for comfort, as well as a soft material that goes over your eyes to block out all the light. This mask also came with ear plugs in case you are sensitive to noises, or just want the full quiet experience for sleep. This mask also came with a nice, satin case to store your mask and ear plugs each day, as well as an instruction sheet on how to use the eye mask to its fullest potential. You also get a nice e-book for purchasing this sleep mask, which is cool.

I couldn’t wait until nightfall came for me to use this mask. I have been using this mask without the ear plugs (as I am used to noises throughout the night), and I have to say…I love it. This mask makes sleeping and waking up in the morning a little easier for me. I love that this elastic, Velcro band stretches and still remains snug to my eyes. When I woke up in the early morning, I had to remove this mask; it didn’t slip off my eyes which was a huge win for me. If you’ve been here for a while, you may have seen me rocking a huge Marley braid afro as my protective style. Y’all…the mask fits over my big hair AND bonnet combo. That is what sealed the deal for me. I love that I am able to not only protect my hair at night, but I am able to sleep better with this mask over my eyes without sacrificing the health of my hair.

This product, in theory, would also be good from migraine sufferers. I don’t get migraines too often, but when I do, I do not want to see the world “light.” This product blocks out the light nicely, so I could imagine how well this works when you’re trying to avoid light while dealing with a migraine. I will test this theory out and get back to you all.

Personally, I have nothing bad to say about this product. You can find this product on Amazon for $9.95. It’s worth every penny in my book. I received this product on June 15th, and have been using it every single night. I am grateful that I can now truly be a vampire in my dark room and keep all light out until I am ready to face the world. I will leave the purchase link below if you all want to check it out.

That’s it for my review. I hope you all enjoyed and found it interesting. Let me know if you want more information, and I’ll gladly give it to you. Until next time, boos!

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Protective Style Chronicles: Havana/Marley Twists

Hey boos! Don’t kill me. I know it’s been months since I’ve talked about my hair in terms of protective styling, and I wanted to bring you all a post about my new style: Marley twists. The title labels this style as Havana/Marley solely based on the interchangeability of the two terms, but I feel this style can be rightly called Marley twists. This style was completed in 6 hours, spread over a two day period, and I used about 5 bags of hair in various colors to complete this style. The brand of hair I used the Femi brand of Marley and kinky twist hair (the website I ordered from sent me both types of hair with my order). The colors used to complete my twists are 1, 27, 30, & 33. I also used a few strands of 1B left over from my Biba Lock Twist install back in the winter time. Below, I will list the steps I took to prepare my relaxed hair for installation.

1. A pre-poo treatment is a must for me in preparing for protective styles. I love to do a hot oil treatment on thoroughly detangled hair. This time around, I knew my hair would need some type of protein, so I deep conditioned overnight with coconut oil.
2. Next, I washed my hair thoroughly with Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo with a shampoo brush to make sure my hair and scalp get fully cleaned. I washed my hair twice.
3. It’s time to deep condition now. I love having soft hair, but just like with the coconut oil, I know my hair needs protein. I am one to mix my deep  conditioners, so this time around I used the Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner and the Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment to have a good moisture/protein balance. I processed this deep condition combo for 30 minutes under my soft hooded dryer, and let the deep conditioner combo to sit on my hair for about another 30 minutes before rinsing.
4. As my deep conditioner set into my hair, I gathered my products needed for my installation: Femi Brand Marley & Kinky Twist in the aforementioned colors, Bee Mine Luscious Creme Moisturizer, Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter, Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel, various butterfly and metal hair clips, a mirror, and a comb to detangle my hair as I go.
5. After rinsing my hair and towel drying, I separated my hair in three sections to make installation easier. I had a back section and two side sections. I moisturized and sealed my hair in the aforementioned sections. It was now time to start on my hair.
Now, we are at the point of the post where I have to share my resources. I watched many videos on how to install these Havana/Marley twists, and I want to share them. These ladies can explain the process and techniques better than I can through their tutorials. I suggest really checking them out:
My Natural Sistas:
Ambrosia Malbrough:
6. After installation, I dipped my hair in boiling hot water with the help of my mother (ALWAYS HAVE HELP OR BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH BOILING HOT WATER!!!) and my style was finished. You can towel dry the ends of your hair or use a blow dryer on high heat, low speed to dry your hair.
I personally really love this hair style. Between my crochet braids and wigs, I have gotten more compliments on this style over those styles. It is very easy to maintain, but it can be a little heavy depending on how many packs of hair you used and the size of your twists. Learning how to do this style so that it looks sleek is a learning curve; the more you do it, the better you’ll get. I love the invisible roots look, but if you cannot do this, so not be afraid to braid the roots first before twisting, especially if you’re having trouble installing at the back of your head. According to my install posting on Instagram with this hairstyle, I’ll say I’ve had this style in for about a month and some change (Instagram said 9 weeks). I have taken this style down and redone it twice, but for the most part, I’ve left it in for about a month. I will leave you all with photos of me rocking this style out. Stay tuned because I have more hair posts to make, especially on some new “essentials” I have purchased in the last few months. I’ll talk to you all again soon. Have a wonderful and beautiful day!

REVIEW: Premium Eyelash Curler by Mia Adora [SPONSORED]

DISCLAIMER: I was given a steep discount on this product to review. The thoughts, opinions, and decisions on how to use this product are my own. Free or discounted DOES NOT EQUAL instantly great. This review will be treated as all my reviews are, whether I paid for my product or received it for free.

Hey y’all! If you didn’t say that in your best Southern accent, we can’t be friends anymore. It’s been a while huh? It’s hot as balls outside today, so I’m going to sit under this cool fan, sip on watermelon juice, and review a product for you today. On today’s agenda, I have the Premium Eyelash Curler Mia Adora to review for you today. Let’s get started.

First and foremost, I have to mention to you all that eyelash curlers scare me. I have pinched my lids (particularly my right one) one too many times using an eyelash curler and I hate it. Personally, I don’t try to use eyelash curlers much on my lashes because I don’t wear mascara often. Unfortunately, when I do wear mascara, my lashes tend to look spiky without a curl, so a lash curler is essential for me; no matter how I hate it. Guess what? Before this lash curler, I didn’t have one. I used to. It got lost in my move…two years ago. Anyway!
I was asked to review this product, so I had to put my side eyes aside and use the product. Here’s some info about the product from the company: 
Mia Adora’s unique design is spring loaded for extra precision and control. Our curler also had a no slip padded handle for extra comfort and control. No pinch ergonomic design fits every eye and captures every eyelash for the perfect curl.”
The eyelash curler also comes with a free e-book and free refill, as well as a One (1) year, no-hassle warranty that allows you to get a replacement or refund for any reason.
My review on the product is that it’s decent. With all eyelash curlers, if I wasn’t careful with the product, it would pinch my lids. It also didn’t curl the lashes at the end of my lids, due to my eye shape. My eyes appear to tilt downward at the ends, making it hard for it to grip every single lash that I need it to grasp. That’s no biggie for me, because every lash curler I have had in the past also has the same problem. It’s more so me than the product, ya know?
I do suggest being careful with this lash curler though. Because of its spring design, it doesn’t have as much resistance as like the ELF eyelash curler of the past (I don’t know how they are now). The spring makes this product very…fluid, for the lack of a better word.  I would suggest taking my time with this lash curler, as well as a gentle squeeze. You don’t want to be in a rush using this product.
Would I recommend this lash curler? Yes and no. Yes, because I liked the results it gave me. The one (1) year warranty is also a good touch, as well as the ebook. No, because I personally don’t agree with the price tag, but I’m a struggling college student. This product sells for $11.95  on Amazon. If you’re interested, I’ll leave the link below for you.
That’s my review. I hope it is helpful for you all. I’ll be back with more posts about my hair journey, updates on my protective styles, and all of that fun stuff. Have a beautiful and wonderful day guys!
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