REVIEW: Premium Eyelash Curler by Mia Adora [SPONSORED]

DISCLAIMER: I was given a steep discount on this product to review. The thoughts, opinions, and decisions on how to use this product are my own. Free or discounted DOES NOT EQUAL instantly great. This review will be treated as all my reviews are, whether I paid for my product or received it for free.

Hey y’all! If you didn’t say that in your best Southern accent, we can’t be friends anymore. It’s been a while huh? It’s hot as balls outside today, so I’m going to sit under this cool fan, sip on watermelon juice, and review a product for you today. On today’s agenda, I have the Premium Eyelash Curler Mia Adora to review for you today. Let’s get started.

First and foremost, I have to mention to you all that eyelash curlers scare me. I have pinched my lids (particularly my right one) one too many times using an eyelash curler and I hate it. Personally, I don’t try to use eyelash curlers much on my lashes because I don’t wear mascara often. Unfortunately, when I do wear mascara, my lashes tend to look spiky without a curl, so a lash curler is essential for me; no matter how I hate it. Guess what? Before this lash curler, I didn’t have one. I used to. It got lost in my move…two years ago. Anyway!
I was asked to review this product, so I had to put my side eyes aside and use the product. Here’s some info about the product from the company: 
Mia Adora’s unique design is spring loaded for extra precision and control. Our curler also had a no slip padded handle for extra comfort and control. No pinch ergonomic design fits every eye and captures every eyelash for the perfect curl.”
The eyelash curler also comes with a free e-book and free refill, as well as a One (1) year, no-hassle warranty that allows you to get a replacement or refund for any reason.
My review on the product is that it’s decent. With all eyelash curlers, if I wasn’t careful with the product, it would pinch my lids. It also didn’t curl the lashes at the end of my lids, due to my eye shape. My eyes appear to tilt downward at the ends, making it hard for it to grip every single lash that I need it to grasp. That’s no biggie for me, because every lash curler I have had in the past also has the same problem. It’s more so me than the product, ya know?
I do suggest being careful with this lash curler though. Because of its spring design, it doesn’t have as much resistance as like the ELF eyelash curler of the past (I don’t know how they are now). The spring makes this product very…fluid, for the lack of a better word.  I would suggest taking my time with this lash curler, as well as a gentle squeeze. You don’t want to be in a rush using this product.
Would I recommend this lash curler? Yes and no. Yes, because I liked the results it gave me. The one (1) year warranty is also a good touch, as well as the ebook. No, because I personally don’t agree with the price tag, but I’m a struggling college student. This product sells for $11.95  on Amazon. If you’re interested, I’ll leave the link below for you.
That’s my review. I hope it is helpful for you all. I’ll be back with more posts about my hair journey, updates on my protective styles, and all of that fun stuff. Have a beautiful and wonderful day guys!
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