Hey y’all! If you have been a follower of my blog for a while, you know I am partial to big Afro hair. Crochet braids are my protective style of choice, because the hair is usually lightweight and I feel like a diva when I have big fro’ed out hair. This crochet install is no different. I’ve experimented with color before, but not like this. Behold, my new install:

Get. In. To. It. Honey, I am LOVING this color. Purple is not only my second favorite color, but is also my birth stone. Purple represents royalty, and baby, I feel like a QUEEN with this hair. Here are the specs:

Brand: Isis
Type: Afri-Naptural Mali Bob
Colors: 1b in back, 1b/Purple in front
# of packs used: 1 1/3 1b; 1 1b/Purple
Price: $4.99 at time of purchase
Braid pattern: 12 small braids in front, bridge braid at crown, 7-8 bigger braids in back, feeding into each other.
Total Style Time: ~5 hours (2 1/2 prep; 2 1/2 install)
I tried a new technique this time around for my hair. Instead of doing the 3 loop method, I only looped this hair once. There are a few pieces that I looped twice around the bridge braid (to bring down the puffiness and make sure it was thoroughly secured), but for the most part, there are no knots in my hair. This made install extremely quick for me. I did not pre-soak this hair (big mistake), but I will be doing that soon. I plan to soak the hair in ACV while it’s on my head, to not only remove the alkaline film from the hair, but to treat my scalp as well. I will rinse under cool water, and sit under my hooded dryer with cool air until my head is completely dry. I will also finish up with a nice helping of coconut oil or jojoba oil on my scalp to rehydrate my scalp.
This hair was easy to separate for installation, and the hair comes short. This saved me plenty of time because I did not have to cut this hair to a shorter length. It was the perfect length for me to install right out of the pack. I’ve had this hair installed for three days so far, and right now, I’m not having any problems with it. I’m going to try to keep this hair in until August. Right now, I’m enjoying it in its beautiful, huge state, but I may dip it in hot water for beautiful curls as the hair gets older.
I sleep with a huge satin bonnet at night, so it’s easy for me to just stuff my hair inside of it and go to sleep. I take it off in the morning and shake my hair, and I’m good to go. I am still experimenting on how to preserve this hair without knots. So far, I have been twisting the hair and that is not working for me. So far, just stuffing the hair into my bonnet, or pineappling my hair before head seems to work well, so I may continue doing that.

To moisturize my hair underneath the crochet hair, I am using a spray moisturizer, and sealing in the moisture with coconut oil. It’s hot outside, so coconut oil is back in daily rotation. For my edges, I am using a mix of regular castor oil, Wild Growth Oil, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil to help keep my edges and nape thick and healthy.

If you have any questions about my install, please feel free to ask them. I hope this post finds you in good health and love. Have a blessed day everyone!

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