REVIEW: Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening [SPONSORED]

DISCLAIMER: I was given a steep discount on or received this product for free to review. The thoughts, opinions, and decisions on how to use this product are my own. Free or discounted DOES NOT EQUAL instantly great. This review will be treated as all my reviews are, whether I paid for my product or received it for free.

Hey guys! Today, I have a review for you. I am reviewing the Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening system. Keeping my teeth white is important to me, so I was eager to try out this system.  I received two gel filled syringes, two impression guards (to mold your teeth into) and holding case for your impressions. You also get an instruction sheet.

With the impression guards, I have to warn you: DO NOT DROP THEM INTO BOILING WATER!!! The impression guards have tabs on them to hold onto the water for a few seconds. Once the impressions begin to soften, take them out and put them in your mouth, biting down so that your teeth can mold into the trays. Trust me, you don’t want to just drop them in; I ruined my pair doing that.

Thankfully, I have a mouth guard from other teeth whitening system I have, so I was still able to test the product. For me, because I have sensitive gums, I wished the kit came with Viramin E Q-tips to either prepare my gums before or soothe them afterwards. I left the product on my teeth for 15 minutes per the instructions, and rinsed my mouth thoroughly with warm water.

I used this product once at the end of the week unless my teeth and/or gums were feeling extra sensitive. I must say that  I am impressed with my results. My teeth look a little more white compared to when I add activated charcoal to my toothbrush. I would have to test this out longer (for me) to really see the results that I want.

You can purchase this on Amazon for $24.99 (the last time I checked). Would I recommend this? Yes and no. No, if you have super sensitive teeth because I wouldn’t want you to hurt your enamel. Yes, if you can handle whitening treatments and want to try out a new system.

This review is a little later than I wanted to have it up, but I hope this helps you all. I hope you all have a great day and that this post finds you loved, healthy, and in a good place. Be blessed, boos!

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