Hey everyone. How are you? Me? I’m just sitting here, bouncing my legs and staring at my hair shears. Let me admit something to you all; I haven’t had a relaxer in a year. No, I’m not going natural…but I am transitioning. I want texlaxed hair. I’m not a fan of straight hair anymore; at least not my own. I believe that relaxed, texlaxed, and natural hair can flourish and be beautiful. With everyone transitioning to natural hair or big chopping (congrats ladies! I’m happy for you!), it’s becoming a little harder to find relaxed or texlaxed ladies on the inter-webs. I’ve been on my hair journey for six years now. I’ve had hard times with my hair…but I’m ready to reclaim my hair.

With this new transitioning stage in my life, I am ready to accept new beginnings. New hair, new life, new everything. For those of us relaxed ladies that are left, I want to be a source that you can come to for styling tips and researched info. I want to be a sister and friend on this hair journey. I want to be able to show everyone, that no matter how I decide to style my hair, that I am beautiful no matter what. God made me a woman; not my hair.

So often here, I am sharing product reviews and what my hair routines look like. Sometimes, I may even show clothing and makeup on here. But it has been rare when I just sit down and converse with you all, and share my feelings on things that I care about. Today, my feelings are on my hair; who knows what I’ll talk about tomorrow, or the next time I post? I think I want to do more sharing who I am here, instead of having my blog littered with product reviews after product reviews. What do you all think?

So, tell me ladies (and gents, if you are here): what do you think about my journey to transition to texlaxed hair? Are any of you texlaxed? Have you been thinking about texlaxing, or is relaxing bone straight more of your thing? Let me know. Let’s chat before I take these shears to my hair, haha. I will speak to you all soon. I hope that this post finds you in love and positive spirits. God bless. Love you guys!

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