30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Dang, Shuna! Back again with the blog posts! Well, it takes consistency to build a habit right. Blogging is kinda like weight lost. You meal prep, eat healthy, and go to the gym consistently to see results. OR, you could be like me and make smoothies and then go to Popeye’s, but that’s a different story. Today, I am here to share with you all my 10 (ten) likes and dislikes. Fair warning, the items in both lists are not in order. Don’t judge me! Let’s get right into it.

Ten Likes:

  1. God: I luh God! You don’t luh God? I mean…I’m just saying.
  2. Fall: Fall is my favorite time of year. I’m a huge fan of cooler weather. Hot coffees and hot chocolate, hearty soups, warm scarves and sweaters, and combat boots run my life when it’s the fall season. I also started one of my most prized relationships during the Fall, which makes it the season very sentimental and warm for me. Fall is #Bae.
  3. Video games: I’m a big fan of video games. I’m #teamPlayStation, and have been for a few years now. Playing video games is a way for me to unwind and immersing myself into the worlds my video games hold gives me great joy.
  4. The Walking Dead: Richonne, Carl, and Daryl. Need I say more?
  5. Anime: I may have mentioned this before in Day One’s post, but I have to reiterate; I love anime. Anime has been in my life since I was a little girl, and it has remained in my life ever since. Just to share, a few of my favorite animes are Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball/Z, Deadman Wonderland, Sailor Moon, and Bleach. I have other favorites, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  6. Beauty Products: I’m a product junkie. I’ll admit it. I need help. My hair product and makeup stashes are ridiculous and that’s fine with me. My nail polish collection isn’t as extensive as my hair and makeup stash, but I’m pretty much the go-to for beauty needs.
  7. Cuddling: I am a cuddly person. I love being held, and I’m especially cuddly when my fiance is around. There’s nothing better than cuddly up to something or someone you love and just being a homebody. My favorite thing in the world.
  8. Chipotle: Chipotle is life. Burrito bowls are life. Get the chips with your next bowl without guacamole, and eat your bowl like a huge container of dip. Mind = blown. And now, I’m hungry.
  9. iPhone: Say what you will about Apple, but I have been loyal to the brand since high school. I have genuinely enjoyed my devices from Apple, as they never give me real problems. I have one the recent iPhones from Apple and my selfie game just increased by 25%.
  10. Relaxing: Out of everything, relaxing is my one of my favorite likes. I love sleeping, lounging around in my pajamas and just sitting in my big, comfy, reclining chair. This is the setting where I do most of my blogging (if I’m going to blog), homework, or business planning. This is when I’m in my focused and happy place.

Ten Dislikes:

  1. Messed up food orders: I’m VERY picky on my food being the way I want it when I order it. If it isn’t right, I’m pissed. I try to keep it cute, but I can’t. My face gives away all of my secrets.
  2. Bugs: Someone explain bugs purpose to me! When I can avoid contact with bugs, I’m happy. But summer’s coming and my happy ass likes being out and about when the bugs are active. Y’all pray for me.
  3. Bad attitudes: This is such a turn off for me. I hate bad attitudes. I don’t care if it’s someone I’m close to, a stranger, or my dogs. Bad attitudes put in me a bad mood and it’s a constant loop to bad attitudes. This is why adults drink wine.
  4. My eyebrows: Because girl, they stress me out! Seriously though, I have something of a love/hate relationship with my brows. One day, I will get them done. Until then, me and Anastasia (Beverly Hills) “got a thang going on.”
  5. Arguments: While my Daddy said I should have been a lawyer because I like to argue, I actually dislike arguments. I hate going through the anger to sadness period during and after an argument. It’s tiresome and makes me want to take a sad nap.
  6. Oil changes: I hate oil changes. I hate that they take so long to do. The time it takes to get an oil change, I could be doing something else. This brings me to my next dislike,
  7. Service departments at car dealerships: While I’m on the subject of oil changes, let’s just say that while I have had good experiences at my car dealership, I have had a few bad experiences that are just too much to ignore. Servicing takes FOREVER, and I am certain that they have tried to kill me more than once (not really certain, but lack of attention to detail could lead to something bad). The employees are nice though, so that’s good.
  8. Crowds: Crowds make me nervous. While I’m pretty good when I’m with my fiancĂ© or friends, I start to get anxiety when too many people are around. I don’t know why, I just know that I dislike being in crowds.
  9. Bad makeup jobs: All I’m going to say on this is that I shouldn’t be able to tell where your makeup ends and begins. Blending is life, okay? So is correct coloring matching.
  10. Interrupted my sleep: Don’t do it. Why does everyone want to talk when you’re sleeping? Leave me ‘lone!

That’s it y’all. I hope this post finds you in good health, happiness and blessings! Take care!

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