New Series: Beauty Breakdown Introduction

Hey guys!

In collaboration with my good friend Chelsea of the LaGordita Chronicles blog, I will be starting what I want to call the “Beauty Breakdown” series. In this series, I will be discussing a few beauty tips I have picked up from watching professional makeup artists, popular beauty influencers, and tips that I have learned from my own years of dabbling in makeup. I want to share with you what I know, and expose you to tips you may have forgotten about or have never heard of before. It has been a long time since I’ve wanted to embark on a series of postings like this, and I hope that it came be beneficial to you all. You will be able to find the first official post featured on her blog (linked above), but all other postings for this series will be posted right here on Beauty By ShunaRae. I hope that you all will enjoy these posts, and I promise to work hard on them. The first post will be up in the near future (it’s a big one, so it takes time). In the meantime and between time, don’t forget to check out Chelsea’s blog to learn about great food and natural hair care tips. Tell her I sent you. I hope this post finds you all in happiness, good health, and love. I will speak to you all again soon!

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