When the colder seasons begin to roll around, I typically have a few things on my mind: food, the holidays, and my hair. I have been on my hair journey for several years now, and I always try to switch up my hair routines depending on the season. Thanks to global warming, it’s not really as cold here in my city as it has been in the past. Still, on the days that it is colder outside, I need to have my hair and skin prepared for harsher winds, cold rain, or the freezing ice. Today, I’m going to share with you all a few products that I believe will aid in “winterizing” my hair.

Healthy hair is clean hair

If you’ve seen my previous post, you might have seen where I mentioned that I have returned to natural. Since I am embarking on a new healthy hair journey, there are some things that I want to do differently this time around. I hold onto the idea that healthy hair is clean hair, and cleansing my scalp is so important. I will admit; I’m lazy when it comes to doing my hair. Bad, I know.

I have a multitude of shampoos that I use to cleanse my hair. For now, I really like the Soultanicals Honey I Shrunk The Frizz Strand-Poo Bar. I have washed my hair with the shampoo bar when my hair was absolutely filthy, and I get an amazing lather. This hair gets my hair squeaky clean, which is something I need when coming out of a protective style or when my hair has buildup and grime.

I will be testing out The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Herbal Hair Tonic & Soy Milk Deep Hydrating Shampoo and the matching conditioner to see how my hair responds. I’ve been watching reviews of these products, so I’m interested in seeing my results. It is my expectation that these products will give softness to my hair after my first cleanse with my shampoo bar, and will allow me to detangle my hair with ease while still in the shower.

Deep conditioning is bae

Deep conditioning is a step in my hair care routine that I do not do enough. In order to keep my hair healthy and elastic, I am going to deep condition more (partly because I need to reduce my stash). Right now, I’m using a mix of Soultanicals deep conditioners, my favorites being the Afrotastic Curl Elastic and the Magical Molasses Deep-Constructor. Soultanicals has some of the BEST smelling hair products I’ve ever used on my hair. The plus having great smelling products is that they actually seem to work on my hair. To deep condition, I will use either my soft bonnet dryer or my Hot Head Thermal Hair Care heating cap if I want to move around. With either method, I will deep condition for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing out.

“I called myself being cute between 2010-2012”

In order to maintain the integrity of my hair, I will now have to style my hair differently than when I was relaxed. Back in my relaxed days, I would moisturize and seal daily, typically applying Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer twice a day. I called myself being cute between 2010-2012, so I never wore protective head coverings to ensure that the moisture remained in my hair and protected my delicate strands from the harsh elements. Don’t be like me; protect your hair. Because I am a fan of keeping my hair tucked away when it’s colder outside, I will be purchasing satin-lined beanies and bonnets to protect my natural hair when I’m not wearing a protective twisted/braided style or wigs.

Here are a few satin-lined beanie cap options if you want to explore them:

Satin Life Adjustable Drawstring Satin-Lined Beanie

Grace Eleyae Slap Satin-Lined Sleep Cap

Finger detangling to reduce knots and tangles

Before cutting my hair, I never finger detangled my hair. Now that I have shorter hair, I will lightly finger detangle to remove knots from my hair. I prefer to detangle with a paddle brush and a bone comb before twisting or braiding hair. This ensures that my products spread evenly through my hair and that I remove all tangles before styling.

Since the beginning of my hair journey, I have always tried to incorporate different sealants into my hair. While I avoided hair grease like the plague when my hair was relaxed, my natural hair seems to like hair grease. I’m finding that applying tiny amounts of hair grease to my hair helps keep in the moisture a little longer than oils do. I will not be giving up oils completely, however, as I have found ways to incorporate both into my routine.

Moisturizing and sealing for softer strands

On the days where I will wear my hair out in twists I will moisturize and seal with my Soultanicals products, and apply a tiny amount of hair grease before twisting. I know grease to a natural is like garlic to a vampire, but if it works, it works. When I want a more natural sealant, I will use my Shea Butter mix that I make every year.

In winterizing my hair, this is my standard routine done with new products. In order to grow and maintain healthy hair, I am confident that sticking with this routine weekly will not only protect my hair but keep it strong and flexible during these colder months. Protective styling is on the horizon for me, and I will post a routine for protective styling soon.

Winterizing Your Hair

What will you change about your hair routine in order to prepare it for colder temperatures? I would love to read about your hair routines, as well as your favorite products. I hope to speak to you all in the comments. See you all soon!

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