REVIEW: Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

Hey guys! Today, I finally want to share a review on a product that I have been using for about the last 6 months-1 year. I have a thing for purchasing oils on Amazon that could be good for both my hair and skin. I have been reading many articles about jojoba oil, and I figured that it would be an interesting oil to add to my hair oil collection. When I wear protective styles, my scalp tends to get very dry and keeping it moisturized can be hard. I have been reading that jojoba oil is very similar to our scalp’s natural sebum. With a dry scalp, I don’t have a lot of sebum, so I have to add to the little I do have. After a while of researching, I finally broke down and purchased Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil from their Amazon store. I think I’m finally ready to review this product for you all. Let’s get into it.
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Christmas Wishlist 2015

My favorite time of the year is nearly upon us; the holidays. I am so excited for this holiday season, as I am every year. This year, I have narrowed down a few items that I would love as gifts and products I have just been eyeing. Please note: this post is only for fun and to share some products/tools that I have had my eye on for a while. I don’t want to come off as though I’m begging; you know how that goes. So without further adieu, let’s get into my list!


  • Q-Redew Hand Held Hair Steamer: If you have been following hair blogs for a while (especially in the natural hair community), you may have heard of this product. The Q-Redew is a hand held hair steamer that I have seen many naturals use to restyle their hair from stretched states, to refresh their curls, and to impart more moisture into their hair strands. This steamer has quipped my interest, mainly because I have been wanting to try out a hair steamer for a long while. While I was in DC years ago, my cousin and I went to the Dominican salon, and I got under the steamer; I was in heaven lol. I want to give my hair that softness that I know steam can give me, especially when paired with a great deep conditioner. Now, I know I have seen naturals use it, but not too many relaxed manes have used it (from what I can tell). This is my main product wish for the holidays.

  • Highlighters: I just want all of the highlighters. All of them. Recently, thanks to Instagram and YouTube, I have become obsessed with facial highlighters. Right now, I am HEAVILY eyeing Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter in Peach Nectar, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed highlighters in Blushed Copper and Rose Gold, and the Laura Gellar Glided Honey highlighter. I love highlighters right now; so much so that I went out to purchase the Becca x Jaclyn Hill “Champagne Pop” highlighter, and another one from a company that shall not be named. If I convince at least ONE family member to purchase one of these highlighters, my little makeup heart will explode happily.
  • Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint: Y’all. Did you know that I’m into this whole lip paint thing? I have like five from ColourPop, and one of the most popular shades from Coloured Raine called Raine Fever. I love these lip paints, and I want at least two more for the holidays. Right now, I am eyeing Cherry Blossom and Truffle Raine lip paints. This season, browns, purples, and reds are my go-to fall shades, and I need these two to really round out my lip products.
  • Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask: Let’s just be real here; I’m going to purchase this before the holidays. I have very dry lips and it is not cute. Although I wear lip balm throughout the day, my lips really take a beating at nighttime because I sleep under two fans, and I’m not as hydrated as I need to be. This lip mask from Bite Beauty is one of my favorites, and will be necessary for my lips during the winter time, I hate the packaging that it comes in (the black covering of the tube begins to chip off and it gets everywhere) but that will not stop me from purchasing this mask. You apply it on at night and sleep with it on, much like you would Vaseline. In the morning, I find that my lips are softer and much easier to exfoliate. This is essential before wearing lip colors, especially the matte lip colors I have been rocking so far.
Technology & Video Games
  • iPhone 6s in Rose Gold: I am a big fan of iPhones. I have had every iPhone since the 3g. I’m not about to get into the #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid debate, but I do want the new iPhone. Rose Gold holds a special place in my heart right now. I don’t really go so hard for iPhones,but I’m going to find a way to get this phone. Trust and believe.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: For those of you who don’t know, I love video games. It is one of my favorite past times and bonding activities with my fiance. I am an owner of the PS4 (#GreatnessAwaitsYou), and unfortunately, this game will not be in my possession until next year. I played the first Tomb Raider game (the remake, of course), and I’m ready to get this next installment into my possession. Xbox fans, enjoy it while you can. Don’t post spoilers.
  • KINGDOM HEARTS 3: Until this game comes out, expect to see it on every Christmas wish list until I can grab this game and hold it close to my heart, never letting go. I cannot begin to describe my love for this series. Disney + Final Fantasy = Get Cho Life. Just watch the trailers. Pick up Kingdoms Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 and experience something great. You’re welcome.
So far, I think this is everything I want for Christmas. This holiday season is sure to be a whirlwind, as always. What’s on your Christmas lists this year? Do you plan on purchasing your gifts for yourself, or will you calmly slide your list to family members like I’m going to do? Let me know in the comments below. I will have more posts up for you guys soon, so keep checking back for them! I hope this post finds you all in love, good health, and happiness. I will talk to you all soon!

Where Have You Been?!

So…according to my blog stats, I haven’t made a post on here since December 30th. It’s now March and I haven’t said Happy New Year yet. Is it too late? Oh well. Happy New Year y’all! So far, 2014 has been good to me. The reason for my lack of blog posts is because of school. School takes up most of my time nowadays, but I’m pretty sure my spring break is coming up soon. I won’t be going anywhere out of town for Spring Break this year, so I will finally have the opportunity to update on here. I have a few posts set up already (that aren’t pictorials), so I will be posting those as soon as I can. I have also picked up some items to do a haul over, so that should be up shortly. Thank you to you all for being patient with me; I can be kind of a slacker, I know lol. I hope you all have a great day and I will talk to you all soon!

Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes for Fall

Hey everyone! It’s been a while. Since fall is here, I wanted to show you all my favorite nail polishes for fall. I find that the easiest way to embrace this fall season is to do it with nail polishes. I have many favorite nail polishes, but today, I’m only going to show you five. These are in no particular order. I hope you all enjoy this little quick post and let me know your favorite nail polishes for fall down in the comments below. I hope you all have a great day and I will talk to you all again soon.

OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest
OPI German-icure
OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
China Glaze Exotic Encounters
Essie Stylenomics

Honorable Mentions
Zoya Suri
Zoya Monica
Zoya Noot

BBHQ April Task: Inspirations

Hey guys! It’s been a few months since I’ve done a task for Beauty Bloggers Headquarters (or BBHQ), created by my lovely friend and fellow blogger Beauty By Krystal, so I thought I would join in on this task! This task mirrors something I’ve had in my drafts for a long time, so I figured now would be the perfect time to talk about the things that inspire me to blog. I hope you all enjoy my responses. Don’t forget to check out Krystal’s blog and the BBHQ website for tips from other bloggers & vloggers, and perhaps, even joining the fun! I’ll talk to you all again soon.

  • What inspires you to blog and/or vlog?
I think what inspires me to blog is my love of writing and talking. When it comes to topics I discuss on my blog, such as hair and make-up, I don’t have many people in my personal life who understand my love for the beauty world. Often, when purchasing new make-up or hair products, I’m often asked, “why do you need all of this?” Sure, I could try to explain my reasoning, but I don’t think my thought process is often fully understood. At least here in the beauty blogging world, I can talk and share with like minded people and not feel like an outcast when I have to buy that new MAC lipstick or 6 out of 10 of the new Maybelline Vivid lipsticks. Here in the beauty blogging world, people understand my collector’s mindset, lol.

  • Share some of your favorite blogs to read for inspiration? 
Well, this is easy!

For Beauty: 
For Hair:

For Cooking:
  • Share some of your favorite Youtube channels to watch for inspiration?
Okay, now this is a little bit harder to narrow down. Let’s see, how to go about this. Hmmm. Oh! I know! I will just list my favorites by their usernames. It’ll be easier to find them on Youtube since I’m too lazy to remember links. Sorry =).

Favorite YouTube Channels:

  • What are your favorite magazines to browse for inspiration?
Seventeen, Glamour, Vogue, Teen Vogue, and InStyle

  • How do you organize your inspiration? Pinterest board, notebook, sketchpad, etc.?
Sometimes, I use Pinterest, but most of the time I just keep all my old magazines and look through them for inspiration. Soon, I will be doing sort of a lookbook of my fashion and beauty inspirations to keep better track of them.

  • What motivates you to continue blogging and/or vlogging?
I think what motivates me to continue blogging, and start vlogging, is the fact that this is a way for me to be me. I continue blogging because it’s a way for me to get my thoughts out without bothering anyone or talking someone’s ear off. It’s something I do when I’m feeling happy or feeling depressed. A plus it that my posts can be seen by others who may be interested in a beauty product, a hair tip, or just what goes on in this mind of mine. In my personal life, I’ve had people tell me that they have read my blog on tips for starting a hair journey, and that my tips have helped them. Knowing that I can help someone out there for anything at all makes me feel incredible. That’s the sole reason why I continue to blog. Other than that, I just enjoy it and it’s the one thing that I can call, honestly and truly, “mine.”
  • How would you describe your style of blogging and/or vlogging, how has it changed from when you first started?
I would describe my style of blogging as lazy in postage, but informative as possible when it comes to actual content. I try to write as though I’m speaking to a friend about a product and the pros and cons of that product. I think when I first started blogging I was more “me” so to speak. I said whatever I wanted to about different things, but following a want to be a little more professional, I’ve cut back on what it means to be “me.” Now, I’m fixing that problem. When you see my “Random Musings” posts, that’s me saying whatever is on my mind and the way I write on those posts is the way I actually speak. That may include cursing, going off topics, whatever. That’s me, haha.

  • How do you handle competitive thoughts with other bloggers/vloggers?
I just always try to remember that each blogger will be received more so than others. I don’t have any competitive thoughts or tendencies towards other bloggers; I just silently try to root everyone on and send positive energy their way if need be.

  • For fun, share some of your favorite inspiring photos

I found this photo on the Internet and the colors really spoke to me. This how the inside of my mind looks haha. And since I am a Pisces, this photo makes me feel very serene.

Letter to Myself: 21

Dear me,

First and foremost, happy birthday girl! You’ve finally reached the age of all ages: 21. This is the moment you’ve waited your teenage years for! The day where you’re officially out of that awkward, “yeah I still can’t drink at 20” stage. But please, don’t think that being 21 makes you look older. I guarantee when you go out, people are going to look at your ID like, “are you sure you’re not underage?” Haha. I know you’re feeling a little down right now, even on your special day, but don’t worry. You’re going to have a great time later on this weekend with friends and your love. Take this day to let that disappointment out and go through the night with a smile. Reflect on your life, dream of and work towards the future, finish watching this PlayStation 4 announcement video, listen to music, and most important: finish your blog posts! I know you can do something to heighten your mood to where it used to be before you were disappointed, even if you think there is nothing that can make you happy right now. You’re too pretty to cry right now. I know it’s your birthday, but don’t cry. “Don’t be upset.”

I just wanted to tell you that you are a great woman and that you can do anything you set your mind to. I know when you’re laying in bed at night, you start to doubt yourself. You start to tell yourself that you can’t do all the things that you want to do with your life and that you’re all alone. You’re not. You have those who support you, both in real life and Internet based, though they may not always tell you. You’re too creative to beat yourself up like this. You have so many ideas floating through that big head of yours and that’s great. Do them all when you can. But take it one day at a time. Realize that you’re awesome and the moment you can tell yourself that every single day, the happier you’ll feel. You need to live your life, regardless of what outsiders may say. You’re 21 years old! You better live your life for you and no one else right now. Smile love. Smile through the disappointment and the tears you have right now. Smile through the sadness. I know it will take a while for you to get over this, I know that you’ll feel better later on tonight.

I love you, me.

P.S. Btw, when you finally get around to purchasing your first drink with your friends, make sure you pick out something good. If not, you will regret it. Haha ♥

OOTD: Lace on a Gray-ish Day

Hey everyone! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet text wise and get right into my outfit. I don’t do as many of these OOTDs as I would like to, but once I get back into the swing of things, I hope to do more. Let’s get right to my outfit.

What I’m Wearing
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Ross
Bag: Michael Kors (don’t know the name of it; sorry)

My makeup was very simple. I just wore liner on my upper/lower lash lines and water line. I highlighted with Half Baked and on my lips I’m wearing Eyeko lip gloss in Mayfair.

I took this one just for fun lol =)

I hope you all enjoyed this OOTD! Thank you for reading!

In The Beginning: BBHQ November Task

Hey guys! I have some exciting news for you all! My girl Krystal (Beauty By Krystal) has started a new blog for newbie/seasoned bloggers alike! The new blog, Beauty Blogger Headquaters (or BBHQ) is a new community where we as bloggers can come together and share tips, tricks, and expand our blogs, as well as meet new people. Today, I’m bringing you this month’s task, titled “In the Beginning.” Basically, you’re telling how you became a blogger. Check out my answers below, as well as the links to Krystal’s blog, and the BBHQ! I hope you see you all there!
  • How long have you been blogging?
I’d say that I’ve been blogging on and off for about 2-3 years.

  • What/who inspired you to start blogging?
I think the thing that inspired me to start my own blog was numerous other blogs and Myspace. Yes, Myspace lol. I used to write a lot on there and read notes on other friend’s Myspaces, which led me to want to branch out and put my thoughts on the Internet for more than just my friends to see. 
  • Did you tell your family and friends about your blog? If so, what was their reaction? Are they supportive or “in the dark” about your blogging?
I told them this year, right when I wanted to get serious about blogging. Their reaction was more or less, “Oh, okay. That’s cool.” My biggest supporter has to be my fiance. He loves the fact that I have a blog and he always encourages me when it comes to finishing up and/or taking multiple pictures for a blog post. I think my friends are more supportive due to the content of my blog, but my family is still “in the dark” about my blogging; they don’t really take it as serious as I would like them. That will come with time, I’m hoping.
  • What goals or dreams did you have for your blog when you started? Have you accomplished them?
When I first began my blog, I wanted to be bring in tons of traffic with my posts and be a “famous” or well-known blogger. Right now, my dream for my blog is just to put out content that people would like and enjoy what I’m doing with my blog. For the former, I have not accomplished my goal; that will happen when it happens. For the latter, I would say yes. I used to be so anal about wondering if people are reading or looking at my blog (because of lack of comments), but I’m happier knowing that friends refer to my blog when it comes to hair regimen and makeup tips.
  • If you could give your beginner-blogger-self one tip of advice, what would it be?
Have patience. When I first started out, I was always so anxious for everything to happen. I became worried that my content was terrible, that no one would ever read anything I put out, and that the only comfort I could get to continue blogging was seeing a comment from someone saying, “I loved this post!” When you lose sight of why you’re really blogging, you become impatient for things to happen. Just have a seat, take a deep breath, eat your favorite meal, and relax =).
  • What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing about being a blogger is being able to help people in the beauty world. I don’t know everything there is to know about beauty, but knowing that even one person takes my advice and it works for them is the best feeling in the world for me. My least favorite thing will have to be getting behind on blog posts. If only you could see my drafts folder, haha! I hate being behind on posts that I really want to do.
  • What does your blog name mean? How did you decide on it?
Funny story about that. One day during my senior year, I was a really big fan of Nicki Minaj. I wanted to be a Barb for some strange reason, so my best friend and I began to think of names. I brought Barbie Sprinkles or something of that nature and I liked it. Naturally, I fell out of that phase of wanting to be a “Barb” but I still wanted to use the name for something. I decided to alter the name and use it for my website, To correlate my two blogs (depending on if you prefer tumblr or blogger) I decided to name this blog Sprinkles Makeup (or Beauty By Shuna Rae).

NOTD: Golden Crackle

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you all a quick nail design I did, using the Avon Mosaic crackle polish in Glimmer Gold. I still have to figure out the best way to use this on my nails, since is my first time. I like it well enough though. My base color is China Glaxe Haunting. The orange glitter on my ring finger is China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y.

50% OFF Studio line!!

Hey guys! In case you didn’t see it, ELF is offering 50% off their studio line for two days (ends 7/20) on purchases $20+. Just enter the code BDSTUDIO before checking out. Now would be a good time to stock up on your favorites from the studio line =)