Back to School: Organization Tips

Hey guys! I’m going to start off this series with organization tips, and my suggestions for essential supplies. If you’re anything like me, then it’s hard for you to keep up with important papers, schoolwork, everything! This year, I’ve committed myself to becoming more organized and after sitting down and thinking for a moment, I’ve come up with some tips that could help you all too!

  • Keep different binders for different classes: This one may seem like a no brainer, but I would only use those 5-class notebooks from Five Star. The concept of it was good, but in all honesty, it would just get very confusing for me. I would write my religion notes in my math area, and math would be in accounting notes. The easiest thing would be to have different notebooks for all of your classes. I also suggest keeping a manilla folder handy with your notebooks to put in handouts that don’t have holes in them, especially if they are test material you need to study over. That way, you keep your notes and important work in one place. If binders aren’t your thing, I recommend getting those notebooks (wide ruled or college ruled, your choice) in different colors. If you want something a little girly and cute, I know that Target has very cute notebooks that have different designs on them from words, flowers, and even glitter. Who says you have to be “Plain Jane” and boring for school supplies?
  • INVEST IN PAPERCLIPS!: Last semester, I remember having to write a lot of papers in my classes. I would always staple my papers when I was done, which seems like the logical thing to do, right? Well, for me that didn’t work. When you staple all your papers, you could forget which subject they are for. My suggestion: have colored paperclips around. Dedicate ONE color to each subject and use that color to mark all of your papers with the paperclip. Ex: Blue paperclip= English paper, Red paperclip= Religion paper, Green paperclip= Moral Issues paper, etc.. I found this to be really helpful for me not only for organizing, but keeping up with all of my different classes without a problem. I got my paper clips online from Wal-Mart, but I’m sure you can find some any where that school supplies can be purchased.
  • Keep a personal stapler: As mentioned above, I had written papers that had to be stapled quite often. You don’t want to be the one person who doesn’t have your paper properly bonded together. I had a teacher once who would not accept papers that were not paper clipped or stapled. So, I made it a point to have a stapler with me for not only that class, but others. You don’t need a big one like your teacher may have. Just having a small one will do the job and won’t take up much room in your backpack or purse. I know this is a no brainer, but please make sure you buy the staples too, lol.
  • Have a few good pens: I know that a lot of you are going to take a lot of written notes in class. Since I am in college, I was able to take my computer for notes and there was no problem with that. But if you’re still in high school or younger, or your school doesn’t allow personal computers in class, then you would want to have a good pen to write with. I personally love the Sharpie pens with the fine tips; I used them every day in class even I had my computer because I loved them so much. When you have a good pen, you feel better…or maybe that’s just the dork in me who loves a new pen.
  • Have a designated study area at home: If you’re lucky enough to have a study area in your home, being organized will be a breeze. Unfortunately for me, my room was study area, as well as my “everything area,” meaning that everything was scattered around my room. When you have a study area, leave all your schoolwork and homework there, and only do your work there. That way, if you need to find your work, you know exactly where it is and you won’t have to tear up your room, looking for your work.
  • Jump drives can save your life: If you have ever used a jump drive, you know how helpful they are. But one word of caution: Do not, and I mean DO NOT, just snatch your jump drive out of the computer. Not only can this damage the jump drive, but it can corrupt the data. Also, make sure that you also email your work to yourself in case the data on your jump drive is corrupted from not properly taking the steps to remove it from the computer. Other than those cautions, I think jump drives are a great school supply to have.

If you guys have any organizational tips, or any school supply suggestions, please leave them below for everyone else. I want this mini series to be interactive for everyone going back to school. In a few days, I will be posting the beauty part of this mini series, closing it out with the clothing section. Stay tuned!

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