Hey guys! I’m back with another task from BBHQ. This month’s task is about how you photograph for your blog. Let’s get right into it!

  • What camera(s) do you use for your blog photography?
Typically, if I am doing just a quick post about something, as in my FOTD, I will use my iPhone 4 camera. If I am doing pictorials, 9 times out of 10 I am using the Nikon D3000. 
  • What type of lighting do you use? Natural light, indoor light, studio lamps, etc.?
I like using natural lighting, but if it is a gloomy day outside, I will use my indoor light paired with the flash on the camera.
  • Do you use a lightbox (purchased or diy?)?
No, but maybe I should start? I’ll look more into it.
  • Do you use a specific background?
Nope! I like shooting in front of the window (and using flash) because my camera will focus on me and usually make anything behind me black. That works for me.
  • What does your photographing setup usually looking like?
Well, for right now, it is just me holding my camera at different angles to get the right picture for me. This has been working for me until I get a tripod. When I have a tripod, I imagine my setup to be my camera on the tripod, right in front of the window.
  • What is your top photographing tip for a beginner blogger?
If you can, have someone help you learn your camera and all the settings of it. Search YouTube for your camera and watch videos of people talking about it. This can be a big help when you get a higher priced camera for your blog, but you have no idea how to use it.
  • For fun: If you could upgrade your photographing equipment today, what would you buy?
I would get the Canon T3i Rebel for my blog photos, and either the Canon 

VIXIA HF R300 Full HD Camcorder or the Canon VIXIA HF M500 Full HD Camcorder for videos.

For photos like the one above, I like to use my iPhone camera. I typically use the rear camera as the front camera (one used above) is not as great to use to FOTD photos.

For pictorials like this one, I like to sit in front of my window and take the photos will flash to get the colors to look right. Natural lighting is the best lighting for me since I sit in a dark room to take photos.

Well, that’s it for this task! Make sure you all check out the Beauty Blogger’s Headquaters website (listed above: BBHQ), and read all of the other blogs posts! You can get great tips from the other ladies, trust me! I hope this post was helpful in anyway and that you all have a fantastic day! Stay beautiful! ♥

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