Winterizing Your Life: Skin Part One

Image with winter background with the text Winterizing Your Life: Skin

Falling in love with skincare has changed my life.

Back when I was a teenager, skincare was the least of my worries. I rarely got pimples, but when my skin decided to rebel, it was always around the time of my cycle and very minimal. I remember using Clean & Clear Morning Burst (both the orange and the blue “oxygen” one), and a matching moisturizer. Why someone didn’t tell my sixteen-year-old self that skincare was important, I’ll never know. Now that I am in my mid-twenties, I’m learning more and more that my skin needs care in order to look supple, clean, and bright. Keep on reading!

Winterizing Your Life: Hair

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When the colder seasons begin to roll around, I typically have a few things on my mind: food, the holidays, and my hair. I have been on my hair journey for several years now, and I always try to switch up my hair routines depending on the season. Thanks to global warming, it’s not really as cold here in my city as it has been in the past. Still, on the days that it is colder outside, I need to have my hair and skin prepared for harsher winds, cold rain, or the freezing ice. Today, I’m going to share with you all a few products that I believe will aid in “winterizing” my hair. Keep on Reading!

New Hair Journey: Returning to Natural After Twenty Years

Image showing Shuna Rae with relaxed hair on left and natural hair on right.

I always told myself, “love your relaxed hair and watch it flourish.”

It was 2010 when I decided to finally take charge of my hair and grow it long and healthy. For most of my life, my hair had been nothing but trouble; it was hard to shampoo and condition, and even harder to style. Coupled with a relaxer that was placed on my hair from five-years-old until last year, my hair was in a constant state of “what the heck is going on.” I wanted – no, needed- to make a change after years of feeling inadequate about it. I was about to start college full-time, and I knew I wanted to start it on a good note.

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Protective Style Files: Yarn Twists

“It’s now time for me to protect my hair.”

Do you all feel that chill in the air? No? Me either. I blame climate change. Anyway, here in my city, we’re having a few cooler days, and it’s now time for me to protect my hair. A few summers ago, I rocked Marley twists and I LOVED it. I wanted something a little lighter than Marley twists, so I journeyed to Youtube and rediscovered yarn twists. Initially, I tested out the idea of yarn braids and yarn locs, but my heart settled on yarn twists. This was a new style for me, and I knew I couldn’t do a protective style and not give my review of it for you all. Let’s not waste more time and get right into prepping my hair, the install, and the removal process of my twists.

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Winterizing Your Life: Series Reboot Announcement

I always have ideas of doing another series of “themed” posts on my blog. I introduce them to you all, and then I never follow through. But, back in my early days of blogging, I did a series of posts on my blog called, “Winterizing Your Life.” In this series, I talked about my favorite hair products for fall/winter, skincare, and body products. I even planned on doing a winter lookbook with all of my favorite pieces for fall/winter. After looking back at my old posts, I decided I want to revamp that series. I can tell you now that my products have changed over the years, and I have a little bit more knowledge about my favorites as well. I think this would be a good way to get back into the swing of things as we approach the end of the year.

Now, I will say this; I will try my best to get a new post up for this series at least once every week or so. I’ve shared before that I’m working towards my Master’s degree, as well as studying for a certification test. Those things take precedence over blogging, but I’m not going to leave you all hanging like I usually do. I want to finish this year strong in all of my endeavors, including blogging. I hope you’ll stick around.

The first official post for this series will come this week, hopefully, tomorrow. It’ll be a cool day here in my city, and that always inspires me to blog. If these series goes well and you all enjoy more series like this, I will do more series like this. Let me know what you guys would love to see here on the blog! I’d love to speak with you all more. See you soon!

Talks With Shuna Rae: Life Update


I don’t have a plan for the flow of this post. I have a tendency to want to plan exactly what I will write and how I want to portray my voice through the words I write. I’m not going to do that with this post. I have a multitude of thoughts running through my head and I just want to share them to get them out of my mental space. If you read this, I appreciate you. If you don’t, I still appreciate you. But I have to release these thoughts before they eat me alive.

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50 Facts About Me

I’m an avid Youtube watcher. I probably watch Youtube videos more than I should, and I can always find something (or someone) new to watch. One of my favorite types of videos to watch are the “50 Facts About Me” tag videos, especially if the content creator is someone I want to know more about. I don’t think I’ve ever done something like this on my blog, so I want to do one right now. Maybe you all will learn something interesting about the woman behind this blog. In the comments, tell me something about yourself that you don’t mind sharing; I would love to get to know you as well!
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Updated Skin Care Routine (Normal/Dry Skin)

Hey, my loves! It’s been a while, as I always say. One day, I’ll do a life update to let you know why I’m always leaving without a word. But today, I want to share with you all my updated skin routine. If you’ve been here for a while, you would know that I have dry skin. Right now, my skin is more on the normal/dry side (a blessing in disguise), so I’ve changed my routine to be more moisturizing and light for the springtime. I have been purchasing and testing out new products, incorporating it into my skincare routine, and I am loving the result. Here is my current routine for the Spring and Summertime.

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Favorite Lip Products of Fall 2016

Hey guys! Since fall is here, I thought it would be only right that I shared with you my favorite lip treatment and lip stains for the fall time. I love the fall season, especially when I have an excuse to pull out my darker and richer toned lipsticks for my everyday makeup looks. Fall time is also when I bring out my warmer and smokier eyeshadow looks, but more on that in another post. Some of these products are new right now and are limited edition. Others were limited edition when they were released, but I’m sure there are dupes out there from other brands. If you like a certain lip product I feature that’s no longer available, try checking out for swatches and dupes. This is my favorite resource for finding dupes to products that were limited edition. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into my favorite lip products!

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REVIEW: Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

Hey guys! Today, I finally want to share a review on a product that I have been using for about the last 6 months-1 year. I have a thing for purchasing oils on Amazon that could be good for both my hair and skin. I have been reading many articles about jojoba oil, and I figured that it would be an interesting oil to add to my hair oil collection. When I wear protective styles, my scalp tends to get very dry and keeping it moisturized can be hard. I have been reading that jojoba oil is very similar to our scalp’s natural sebum. With a dry scalp, I don’t have a lot of sebum, so I have to add to the little I do have. After a while of researching, I finally broke down and purchased Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil from their Amazon store. I think I’m finally ready to review this product for you all. Let’s get into it.
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